The A Lean Book series

Every manager is under constant pressure to lead their team to better performance. Whether it is to reduce costs, increase quality or improve speed of service, managers are required to excel by continuing to delivering more with less.

The methodology behind the A Lean Book series is based on lean principles and best practices that will allow you to achieve all of this and more. Developing a lean thinking attitude requires discipline, consistency and, most importantly, passion to always be learning different ways of looking and dealing with the same issues.

The A Lean Book collection gives you insight into every aspect of organization management including effective leadership, culture enablement, process simplification and more. Designed to be engaging and an easy to read, each scenario and story illustrates ideas that you can take to work and start applying immediately. The intent of this collection is not to solve your problems, but to give you the appetite to become a lean thinker and a lean manager, and to create your own solutions. Go to our store and find out more on how each title can build your ability to think lean.

About the Author

Marta Ferreira Böing is a passionate advocate for the application of Lean principles and methodologies and the benefits these can bring to both organizations and their employees. She has worked in this area for her entire career, as a manager, consultant and educator. Marta studied mechanical engineering and completed a Master of Science in Operations Management in Europe before moving to Australia. There she joined automotive supplier TriMas Corporation, where she was promoted to Production Manager in just three months. In her next role, at Yazaki Corporation (Australian Arrow), she earned the opportunity to travel to Japan and observe lean principles and practices as applied by the pioneers of process improvement. It was on this journey that Marta recognized the strong cultural aspects of lean and how important they were in contrast to the Lean ‘toolkit’ she had been exposed to at university. She decided to dedicate her career to the translation and application of the Japanese approach to Lean to Western environments.

In 2007 Marta joined a major Australian bank as Lean Advisor to the Managing Director, Operations. Since then she has driven the ongoing translation and implementation of lean principles into the banking environment. She has instigated extensive and widely used training and leadership development programs, and taken a hands-on role with a number of cultural change initiatives. As Head of Global Operational Excellence, Marta managed a team supporting behavior change programs for the bank across all divisions and regions, promoting a lean and continuous improvement culture. The program on which Slim Culture is based was deployed across offices in Australia, India, Vietnam and New Zealand. Both staff and senior management at the bank have recognized Marta’s work by selecting her to receive a number of prominent awards. She is also recognized for her expertise, having been invited to speak at the conferences of a diverse range of industry groups, including health care, government, manufacturing and tertiary education. Marta is currently working in the deployment of Lean principles for one of the ‘big four’ management consultancies. Her clients represent a wide range of industries, including health care, finance, telecommunications, media and manufacturing, amongst others.