If you are in a C-level role, do you REALLY know what is going on?

Caption content:

Once upon a time there was a very hard working little Ant….The CEO thought “If Ant works well without supervision, will work even better supervised…”. So he hired the Chameleon!”. The first thing the Chameleon did was to implement a clock in / clock out system…

The CEO was very pleased as he now had visibility and productivity reports, that he even hired the Spider to help the Chameleon with incoming calls and reports. He was not please with the manual nature of the reports though…So he hired the Fly to get computers and created an IT department.

The Ant was starting to get frustrated with having to spend time on a PC logging numbers and attending productivity meetings and the biggest problem was that the time in a PC made production stopping and productivity drop.

So the CEO decided to hire a renown consultant to investigate and after three months of investigation the Consultant concluded: “YOU HAVE WAY TO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS ORGANIZATION!”

Guess who got fired?…The little Ant…

As a leader, remember:

  1. To always go where the client experience is!
  2. That reports are dangerous if not measuring the right things;
  3. To ask your team regularly for opinion;
  4. That skip level meetings brings visibility that reports don’t;
  5. To involve your team in the decision making process.

Disclaimer: Apologies if some interpretations may offend a reader. I do rely on literal translation at times since English is a second language. My intention with this article is to spread awareness and support young entrepreneurs. I welcome your feedback to ensure I will not be constantly making the same errors in translation.

I also write about my own professional experience and learning curve. I am a continuous improvement learner so I welcome you to share extra information and spread awareness with me if you have other ways of analyzing the same issues or you have value-added information to the readers of this article. Thank you for reading.